Various - What Is It.

Various - What Is It.

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US LP 1982 (What Records? - W12-2403)

1 The Germs - Forming
2 KAOS - Top Secret
3 The Dils - I Hate The Rich
4 The Skulls - Victims
5 The Controllers - Neutron Bomb
6 The Germs - Forming #2
7 The Controllers - Killer Queers
8 The Eyes - Don't Talk To Me
9 KAOS - Auto Pilot
10 The Skulls - On Target

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All songs except Forming and Auto Pilot engineered by Phil Van Allen.
All songs produced by Chris Ashford.
Album mastered by Chris Ashford and Burt Agudelo.

1: Originally released on What 01, 7" 45 r.p.m. (Recorded in Pat's garage, 1977)
2: Originally released on What 12-1216, "Product Of A Sick Mind" 12" e.p. (Recorded at Westworld, 1980)
3: Originally released on What 02, 7" 45 r.p.m.
4: Originally released on What 03, 7" e.p. (Recorded at Sunbird)
5: Originally released on What 03, and What 04 (Recorded at Sunbird)
6: Previously unreleased (Recorded at Sunbird, 1977)
7: Originally released on What 04, 7" 45 r.p.m.
8: Originally released on What 03, 7" e.p. (Recorded at Sunbird)
9: Previously unreleased (Recorded live, 1980)
10: Previously unreleased (Recorded at Sunbird)

Reviews & Opinions

TIM YOHANNAN, MAXIMUM ROCKNROLL #3, NOVEMBER 1982: Mostly re-issues, but with a few unreleased cuts from the What label vaults, one of the earliest L.A. labels. This contains gems by the GERMS, DILS, SKULLS, CONTROLLERS, EYES, and later stuff by KAOS. A must for those who missed these older California punk 45s, now impossible to find.

Additional Notes

Catalogue numbers in the credits above are as they appear on the back cover, not the original releases. 2010's 10" single 'What Is It - What Records (Los Angeles) Punk Rock 1977-1983' on Wondercap Records is ostensibly a reissue but has a revised title and substitutes 'Forming #2' and 'Victims' with 'I'm A Spaz / Fuck The World' (by The Spastics) and 'Baby, You String Me Up / Your Head Exploding' (also The Spastics). Album is "Dedicated to Rodney who helped make it possible".


Various - What Is It. - US LP 1982 (What Records? - W12-2403)Various - What Is It. - US LP 1982 (What Records? - W12-2403)

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