Zero Boys (Indianapolis, Indiana, USA) - Discography

Formed: Indianapolis, Indiana, USA

Zero Boys (Indianapolis, Indiana, USA) - Discography

The band reformed in the 1990s and made two albums before splitting again. They reformed ten years or so after this and have since made one single, Pro Dirt (2013), and another LP in 2014.



Subsequent studio albums: Make It Stop (1991), The Heimlich Maneuver (1993), Monkey (2014).

Singles & Albums

Zero Boys - Livin' In The 80'sLivin' In The 80's (7", 1980)

Zero Boys - Vicious CircleVicious Circle (LP, 1982)

Extraneous Releases

Zero Boys - History OfHistory Of (Tape, 1984)

Toxic Reasons / Zero Boys SplitToxic Reasons / Zero Boys (7", split, 1992)


Zero Boys - Blood Is GoodBlood Is Good (7", 1991)

Zero Boys - Slam And WormSlam And Worm (7", 2000)


Zero Boys ‎– Live At The Pizza Castle - 1981Live At The Pizza Castle - 1981 (DVD, 2009)

Various Artists

Red Snerts: The Sound Of Gulcher US LP 1981 (Gulcher): New Generation

The Master Tape US LP 1982 (Affirmation): High Places / Human Body / Mom's Wallet

The Master Tape Vol. 2 US 2xLP 1983 (Affirmation): Black Network News / I Need Inergy

Killed By Death #4 (Raw Rare Punk Rock 77-82) US LP 1989 (Redrum): Stoned To Death / Stick To Your Guns / I'm Bored / A Piece Of Me

Life Is Too Short For Boring Music Vol. II (To Be Continued!) Germany CD 1992 (EFA Medien GmbH): Indianapolis

Faster and Louder Hardcore Punk, Vol. 2 US CD 1993 (Rhino): Civilization's Dying

Decade Of Disaster US CD 1994 (Westworld): Living In The 80's

Punk Anderson's Favourites Germany 2xCD 1995 (Starving Missile): Outta Style / High Time

Dangerously Unstable US CD 1999 (Suburban Voice): Positive Change

Hyped To Death #31 : Punk 45s From The Northeast & Midwest V-To-Z US CDR ???? (Hyped to Death): She Said Goodbye / Slam And Worm



Secretly Canadian

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