The Expelled (Leeds, Yorkshire, England, UK

Formed: Rothwell, near Leeds, Yorkshire, England, UK

The Expelled (Leeds, Yorkshire, England, UK

Typical Riot City rockers, North Yorkshire's The Expelled had a female vocalist (Joanne Ball) and were inevitably compared to Vice Squad. The fact that their producer was Vice Squad's drummer Shane Baldwin didn't help. They had one raunchy single that was nearly very good on both sides ('Government Policy' and - especially - 'Make It Alone') but they were largely uninspired and pretty boring.

The band reformed many years later, and in 2003 recorded a new demo with new vocalist/guitarist, Becky Lawrence (from The Tricycle Thieves) and guitarist Dougie (from The Poison Hearts).



July 1981 - December 1982

Jo Ball - Vocals
Tim Ramsden - Guitar
Craig 'Macca' McEvoy - Bass (pre-The Underdogs, pre-The Tricycle Thieves)
Ricky Fox - Drums

The classic lineup responsible for the first two demos and both singles. This lineup ceased to be when Jo left to get married.

December 1982 - July 1983

Jewlie - Vocals
Tim Ramsden - Guitar
Craig 'Macca' McEvoy - Bass
Ricky Fox - Drums

This hastily assembled lineup recorded a Peel Session in December '82, described by Shane Baldwin of Vice Squad as "toe-curlingly bad". Four songs: 'Make It Alone', 'This World', 'Government Policy', 'What Justice'. Jewlie left after a short tour.

Summer 1983

Penny - Vocals
Tim Ramsden - Guitar
Craig 'Macca' McEvoy - Bass
Ricky Fox - Drums

Penny was the girlfriend of Vice Squad guitarist Dave Bateman. This lineup recorded just two songs: 'Cider' and 'Violent Minds'. These were not released until 1985.

September 1983-1984

Tim Ramsden - Guitar
Craig 'Macca' McEvoy - Bass, vocals
Ricky Fox - Drums

This version of the recorded an unreleased single, 'Waiting For Tomorrow'.



Singles & Albums

The Expelled - No Life No Future (EP) No Life No Future (EP) (7", 1982)

The Expelled - Government PolicyGovernment Policy (7", 1982)

Extraneous Releases

The Expelled - A Punk Rock Collection A Punk Rock Collection (CD, 1999)

The Expelled - Demos & Singles 81/84 (A Punk Rock Collection)Demos & Singles 81/84 (A Punk Rock Collection) (LP, 2016)


The Expelled - 84 Demo81 Demo (Tape, 1981)

The Expelled - 84 Demo84 Demo (Tape, 1984)

Various Artists

Riotous Assembly UK LP 1982 (Riot City): Blown Away

Punk And Disorderly - Further Charges UK LP 1982 (Anagram): Dreaming

Punk And Disorderly III - The Final Solution UK LP 1983 (Anagram): Government Policy

A Kick Up The Arse - Volume One UK LP 1985 (Rot): Cider / Violent Minds

Life's A Riot...With Riot City Records: A History, 1980-84 UK LP 1985 (Riot City): Make It Alone

Religious As Hell UK LP 1986 (Rot): Cider

Maggie, Maggie, Maggie - Out! Out! Out! UK LP 1987 (Anagram): Government Policy

The End Of An Era UK 2xLP 1988 (Rot): Cider / Violent Minds

Riot City Records- Punk Singles Collection UK CD 1993 (Anagram): Dreaming / Make It Alone

Rot Records Punk Collection UK CD 1994 (Anagram): Cider

Riot City Records- Punk Singles Collection Volume Two UK CD 1995 (Anagram): What Justice / Government Policy

Burning Britain - A Story Of Independent UK Punk 1980-1983 UK 4xCD 2018 (Cherry Red): Dreaming




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