Various - Riotous Assembly

Various - Riotous Assembly

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UK LP 1982 (Riot City - ASSEMBLY 1)

A1 Vice Squad - Coward
A2 Organized Chaos - Mary Whitehouse
A3 Abrasive Wheels - Criminal Youth
A4 Court Martial - Your War
A5 Chaos U.K. - Senseless Conflict
A6 Dead Katss - Fun Wars
A7 Resistance 77 - Bricks In Brixton
A8 Havoc - Where Does Our Money Go
B1 Vice Squad - It's A Sell Out
B2 Mayhem - Psycho
B3 The Expelled - Blown Away
B4 T.D.A. - T.D.A.
B5 Undead - Sanctuary
B6 Lunatic Fringe - British Man
B7 Chaotik Dischord - Accident


UK CD 1994 (Step-1 Music - STEP CD 049)

1 Vice Squad - Coward
2 Organized Chaos - Mary Whitehouse
3 Abrasive Wheels - Criminal Youth
4 Court Martial - Your War
5 Chaos U.K. - Senseless Conflict
6 Dead Katss - Fun Wars
7 Resistance 77 - Bricks In Brixton
8 Havoc - Where Does Our Money Go
9 Vice Squad - It's A Sell Out
10 Mayhem - Psycho
11 The Expelled - Blown Away
12 T.D.A. - T.D.A.
13 Undead - Sanctuary
14 Lunatic Fringe - British Man
15 Chaotik Dischord - Accident

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Indie Hit: 1, 18 wks


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Reviews & Opinions

PUNKY GIBBON: Poxy compialtion of (with the very notable expectiIons of the Abrasive Wheels and Vice Squad, this cheapo compilation only goes to demonstrate how poor a lot of punk was in 1982. Mostly it's intensely second-rate Riot City bands and a few others (TDA) who never even managed to seduce Simon Edwards into issuing a single, and silly Vice Squad spin-offs (Dead Katss).

TIM YOHANNAN, MAXIMUM ROCKNROLL, JULY 82: Pretty good collection. Favorites are by Havoc and Chaotic [sic] D.

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