Vice Squad - VICE SQUAD

Formed: Bristol, England, UK

The original lineup was Beki Bondage on vocals (Ligotage / Chaotic Dischord / Beki & The Bombshells), Dave Bateman on guitar (Chaotic Dischord / Sex Aids / Sweet Revenge), Mark Hambley on bass and Shane Baldwin on drums. Bateman and Baldwin also moonlighted in Chaotic Dischord and Sex Aids. When Beki left in 1983, she was replaced by Lia (ex-Affairs Of The Heart), and Hambley was replaced the following year by Jon Chilcott. Vice Squad split in 1985, whereupon Bateman and Baldwin carried non with Chaotic Dischord but then formed Sweet Revenge. In a funny turn of events, Beki formed an alternative version of Chaotic Dischord in the mid 80s but generally preferred to work with Ligotage and Beki & The Bombshells.


Singles / Albums

Vice Squad - Last Rockers Vice Squad - Resurrection EP Vice Squad - No Cause For Concern Vice Squad - Out Of Reach Vice Squad - Stand Strong E.P.
Last Rockers (7", 1980) Resurrection EP
(7", 1981)
No Cause For Concern (LP, 1981) Out Of Reach
(7", 1982)
Stand Strong E.P.
(7", 1982)
Vice Squad - Stand Strong Stand Proud Vice Squad - State Of The NationE .P. Vice Squad - Black Sheep Vice Squad - Shot Away Vice Squad - You'll Never Know
Stand Strong Stand Proud (LP, 1982) State Of The Nation E.P. (7", 1982) Black Sheep
(7"/12", 1983)
Shot Away (LP, 1984) You'll Never Know (7"/12", 1984)
Vice Squad - Teenage Rampage Vice Squad - Get A Life Vice Squad - Resurrection Vice Squad - Lo-Fi Life Vice Squad - Lavender Hill Mob
Teenage Rampage
(7" 1984)
Get A Life (CD, 1998) Resurrection
(LP/CD, 1999)
Lo-Fi Life (CD, 2000) Lavender Hill Mob
(7", 2000)
Vice Squad - Rich And Famous Vice Squad - Defiant Vice Squad - London Underground Vice Squad - Santa Claws Is Coming To Town  
Rich And Famous
(CD, 2003)
Defiant (CD, 2006) London Underground (CD, 2009) Santa Claws Is Coming To Town (CDS, 2009)  

Extraneous Releases

Vice Squad - Vice Sqaud Vice Squad - Evil Vice Squad - Live In Sheffield 1981 Vice Squad - Live And Loud!! Vice Squad - Last Rockers - The Singles
Vice Squad (12", 1981) Evil (7", flexi, 1981) Live In Sheffield 1981 (Tape, 1981) Live And Loud!!
(LP, 1989)
Last Rockers - The Singles (LP/CD, 1991)
Vice Squad - The Complete Punk Singles Collection Vice Squad - The BBC Sessions Vice Squad - The Rarities 1979-1985 Vice Squad - The Very Best Of Vice Squad - Bang To Rights: The Essential Vice Squad Collection
The Complete Punk Singles Collection
(CD, 1997)
The BBC Sessions
(CD, 1997)
The Rarities 1979-1985 (CD, 1999) The Very Best Of
(CD, 2000)
Bang To Rights: The Essential Vice Squad Collection (CD, 2001)
Vice Squad - The Riot City Years Vice Squad - Fuck Authority      
The Riot City Years
(CD, 2004)
Fuck Authority
(LP, 2007)

Various Artists

Punk And Disorderly UK LP 1982 (Abstract Sounds): Last Rockers

Riotous Assembly UK LP 1982 (Riot City): Coward / It's A Sell Out

Punk And Disorderly - Further Charges UK LP 1982 (Anagram): Resurrection

Burning Ambitions (A History Of Punk) UK 2xLP 1982 (Cherry Red): Last Rockers

UK/DK - The Original Video Soundtrack UK LP 1983 (Anagram): Stand Strong, Stand Proud (Live)

Life's A Riot...With Riot City Records: A History, 1980-84 UK LP 1985 (Riot City): Last Rockers / Resurrection

Maggie, Maggie, Maggie; Out! Out! Out! UK LP 1987 (Anagram): You'll Never Know

Oi! Chartbusters Volume 4 UK LP 1988 (Link): Stand Strong Stand Proud

Riot City Records- Punk Singles Collection UK CD 1993 (Anagram): Last Rockers / Young Blood

Riot City Records- Punk Singles Collection Volume 2 UK CD 1995 (Anagram): Living On Dreams / Humane

Zonophone Records: The Complete Punk Singles Collection UK CD 1997 (Anagram): Out Of Reach / Stand Strong Stand Proud / Citizen

Smells Like Bleach (A Punk Tribute To Nirvana) US CD 2000 (Cleopatra): Lithium

A Punk Tribute To Metallica UK CD 2001 (Anagram): Enter Sandman




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