Faction - London Punk Band on Bluurg

Formed: London, England, UK

Anarcho punksters. Andy Martin of The Apostles also played with them for a short time. Formed in April 1982 with a woman named Sue on vocals, but she left in early 1983.



Singles / Albums

Faction - You've Got The Fire        
You've Got The Fire
(7", 1984)

Demos / Tapes

Subhumans / Faction - Live At The Moonlight Club 23/08/82 Faction - Through The Window Faction - If They Give You Ruled Paper... Write The Other Way D&V / Faction - Live Paris: Overseizures  
Live At The Moonlight Club 23/08/82
(Tape, split with Subhumans, 1982)
Through The Window
(Tape, demo, 1982)
If They Give You Ruled Paper... Write The Other Way
(Tape, demo, 1983)
Live Paris: Overseizures
(Tape, split with D&V, 1984)

Various Artists

No No No Don't Drop Yer Bombs On Us They 'urt UK Tape 1983 (96 Tapes): Paranoia Storm

Rising Free UK Tape 1983 (V.I.S.A.): Obligatory War Song / Drowning Rats / All That Glitters / Blinded By The Dark / Turn Away

We Control The Zig-Zag UK Tape (Vegan Policeman): tracks unknown

Tribal Rantings UK Tape 1983 (Peaceville): Realization / Obligatory War Song

Dandelions, Fur Coats And Rainbows UK Tape 1984 (Nondesript Tapes): Only You / Tears Of A Madman

No More Bondage UK Tape 1984 (Dis 1984): Realisation

In The Old Days...No.7 UK Tape 1987 (RAC Cassettes): Hello You Bastard / Nazi Baby / Subversive Sect / Fuck Faction / Hello, You Bastard / Tomorrow Belong To Us / Substandard

Inner Ear Damage Mexico Tape (Death For Profit): tracks unknown

What's New UK Tape (BBP): tracks unknown

Nuclear Terra Tape 1983 : tracks unknown

Anti-War: Anarcho Punk Compilation Vol. 1 UK CD 2005 (Overground): Obligatory War Song


TERMINAL ESCAPE - This blog has an excellent download that is a must for fans of the group


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