Various - In The Old Days...No.7

Various - In The Old Days...No.7

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UK Tape 1987 (RAC Cassettes - RAC 46)

A1 Faction - Hello You Bastard
A2 Primal Chaos - Cold Grey
A3 Primal Chaos - Uniform
A4 Faction - Nazi Baby
A5 Faction - Subversive Sect
A6 Faction - Fuck Action
A7 The Apostles - The Apostles
A8 Faction - Kommandant Of Auschwitz
A9 The Apostles - N.W.3
A10 Black Cross - Red Star
A11 The Apostles - Pete The Plectrum
A12 Eratics - Unknown
A13 Faction - Hello, You Bastard
A14 Faction - Tomorrow Belongs To Us
A15 Faction - Substandered
A16 Black Cross - The Beginning
A17 Black Cross - Black Cat
B1 Unknown Artist - A Stranger To Myself
B2 The Pack - Number 2
B3 Crass - Rival Tribal Rebel
B4 Crass - Unknown [What Do You Want]
B5 Crass - Unknown [Big A Little A]
B6 Black Cross - The Ugly Truth
B7 Cold War - Suffering By Fire
B8 The Mob - Unknown
B9 Blood And Roses - Unknown
B10 Blood And Roses - Tomorrow
B11 Black Cross - Paranoid

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All tracks recorded live at The Autonomy Centre, Wapping, between 1980 & 1982 by Rich G (Aka Scarecrow of the Scum Collective). Thanks To Andy Martin.

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Here is an article that both muddies and clears the water. Reissued as 1980-1982 In The Old Days!


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