Formed: Cardiff, Wales, UK

"God is a measure of our own security
God is used as an incentive for us to kill
To protect governments' own security
Security of their wealth and power and legalised crime
The myth of god keeps us all in line
To beg for forgiveness from something unreal, not there"
“A Measure Of Insecurity”

Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, no…stop…I can't…you're killing me.

Obviously, a career in standup did not beckon for these extremely angry anarcho-punks from Eltham, London.

Back in the early 80s, every extremist political punk band seemed to sound like either Conflict or Crass, and Icons of Filth was no exception. However, they carried out their Conflict-isms with precision timing, brilliant musicianship, and thoughtful sentiments.

The Used Abused Unamused EP is great po-faced hardcore, tuneless and ranty but intelligent, articulate, and excitingly fast. Onward Christian Soldiers is more of the same, with excoriating lyrics, firebomb guitars and a relentless pace that will leave even diehard punks breathless. Not On Her Majesty's Service, a ten-track cassette release, was not only their debut, but the first release on the important Mortarhate label. The Mortarhate Projects is a comprehensive collection of studio recordings and demos.

The group's story began in 1979 when Mock Death split and three members of that band - Simon 'Daffy' DeManuel, Aitch "Mark Harry'' Wilson and Socket - formed Atomic Filth with singer Stig. By 1980 Socket had been replaced by Eddie Fleming and icons Of Filth was born. This lineup was stable until just prior to the recording of Onward Christian Soldiers, where Ed was replaced by Fish (Trevor Edwards) on bass.


Later studio album: Nostradamnedus (2002).

Singles / Albums

Icons Of Filth - Not On Her Majesty's Service Tape Icons Of Filth - Used, Abused, Unamused Icons Of Filth - Onward Christian Soldiers Icons Of Filth - Brain Death Icons Of Filth - The Filth & The Fury
Not On Her Majesty's Service (Tape, 1982) Used Abused Unamused
(7", 1983)
Onward Christian Soldiers
(LP, 1984)
Brain Death
(7", 1985)
The Filth & The Fury
(7", 1985)

Extraneous Releases

Live, Abused And Unamused Icons Of Filth - Show Us You Care Icons Of Filth - The Mortarhate Projects    
Live, Abused And Unamused
Show Us You Care
(7", 1999)
The Mortarhate Projects
(CD, 1995)


Icons Of Filth - Not On Her Majesty's Service 7" Icons Of Filth / The Fiend      
Not On Her Majesty's Service (7", 1990s) Icons Of Filth / The Fiend
(LP, split, 2000)

Various Artists

Who? What? Why? When? Where? UK LP 1984 (Mortarhate): Stupid

Welcome To 1984 US LP 1984 (Maximumrocknroll): Evilspeak

Symphonies For The Disaffected UK Tape 1985 (Beer Belly Tapes): Fucked Up State

Anthems Of The Black Icon Tape 1980's (Social Disorder): Fucked Up State / One Second To Midnight (Different Mix)

Break The Silence UK Tape 1980s (label unknown): Evil Speak / Sunk Rock (Different Mix)

Charles Bronson UK Tape 1980s (Peaceville Tapes): They've Taken Everything / Fucked Up State

This Is The A.L.F. UK LP 1990 (Mortarhate): Show Us You Care / Success On A Plate (For Who?) / Death Is The Only Release

Mortarhate - A Compilation Of Deleted Dialogue - The Singles UK 2xCD 1997 (Mortarhate): Enough is Enough / Success On A Plate (For Who?) / Braindeath / Sunk Rock / Evil Speak / Vivisector

This Is The A.L.F. - Second Edition UK 2xLP/CD 1998 (Mortarhate): Show Us You Care / Success On A Plate (For Who?) / Death Is The Only Release / Vivisector

Anti-Society: Anarcho Punk Compilation Vol. 3 UK CD 2006 (Overground): Your Military

What, No Meat? ?? Tape ???? (Massakre Therapy Punk Tapes): Death Is The Only Release / Show Vs You Care / Success On A Plate (For Who?)


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