Various - Compulsory Overtime

Various - Compulsory Overtime

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US LP 1985 (Dasein - DM 85043)

A1 Abuse – Don't Tell Me I'm Wrong
A2 Blood Robots – Black
A3 Bourbonese Qualk – Call To Arms
A4 Legendary Pink Dots – A Message From Our Sponsor
A5 Legion Of Parasites – Promises
A6 Oi Polloi – Thugs In Uniform
A7 Oi Polloi – Never Give In
A8 Poison Cookie – The Peoples Court
B1 Political Asylum – Symptom
B2 Political Asylum – The Responsibility
B3 Reality Control – Sugar And Spice
B4 Reality Control – The Law
B5 S.A.S. – Accident
B6 S.A.S. – Scapegoats
B7 Stress – Tear It Down
B8 Smashchords – The Halloween Song
B9 Existenz – White Dope

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