Various - Compulsory Overtime

Various - Compulsory Overtime

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US LP 1985 (Dasein - DM 85043)

A1 Abuse – Don't Tell Me I'm Wrong
A2 Blood Robots – Black
A3 Bourbonese Qualk – Call To Arms
A4 Legendary Pink Dots – A Message From Our Sponsor
A5 Legion Of Parasites – Promises
A6 Oi Polloi – Thugs In Uniform
A7 Oi Polloi – Never Give In
A8 Poison Cookie – The Peoples Court
B1 Political Asylum – Symptom
B2 Political Asylum – The Responsibility
B3 Reality Control – Sugar And Spice
B4 Reality Control – The Law
B5 S.A.S. – Accident
B6 S.A.S. – Scapegoats
B7 Stress – Tear It Down
B8 Smashchords – The Halloween Song
B9 Existenz – White Dope

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Mick Slaughter, Ramsey, Harry Tin-Tin, Harlan, Alan, Phil Harmonic, Michael Beeney, Hammy, Booffo, Bobs, Simon, Deek, Leah, Stefan, Steven T., Martin (Third Mind), Robert Termini and his dead fly...
Also Mandy, Amy at Dischord, and you.
Hi Garn, hi Dom!

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