Various - English Waves!

Various - English Waves!

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Italy LP 1978 (RCA Victor - PLWL 1009)

A1 Wreckless Eric - There Isn't Anything Else 2:35
A2 Larry Martin Factory - Dog Day Afternoon 2:50
A3 Alberto Y Los Trios Paranoias - Sniffin In A Babylon 1:49
A4 Rezillos - I Can't Stand My Baby 2:22
A5 Cortinas - Defiant Pose 2:39
A6 The Boys - First Time 2:20
A7 Larry Wallis - Police Car 3:52
A8 The Stukas - Klean Living Kids 2:06
B1 The Radiators From Space - Prison Bars 2:50
B2 Troggs - Just A Little Too Much 2:42
B3 Alternative TV - Life After Life 2:08
B4 Ernie Graham - Romeo And The Lonely Girl 2:34
B5 The Electric Chairs - Paranoia Paradise 2:07
B6 Motorhead - White Line Fever 2:34
B7 Menace - Insane Society 1:59
B8 Chelsea - High Rise Livin' 3:50

Chart Placings



A1. B4: Prod. by Larry Wallis
A3: Prod. by Nick Lowe
A4: Prod. T.Bongiovi-L.Quinn-B.Clearmountain
A5: A.Turner/Copeland/Cortina Prod.
A7: Prod. by Larry Wallis himself
A8: An Asleep At The Desk Production
B1: Prod. by Roger Armstrong
B2: A Penny Farthing Productions
B3: Prod. by Joe Sinclair
B5: Prod. by Copeland-Crowley
B6: Prod. by Speedy Keen
B8: Prod. by Kim Turner

Cover artwork by Rossella Antonelli
Front cover photograph by Dominique Fradin
Record compiled by Carlo Basile
Well, Thanks to Everyone in London!

Additional Credits

A1: From Wreckless Eric LP, released 1978
A2: From Early Dawn Flyers And Electric Kids LP, released 1977
A3: From Snuff Rock EP, released 1977
A4: From Can't Stand The Rezillos LP, released 1978
A5: A-Side of Defiant Pose 7"/12", released 1977
A6: A-Side of First Time 7", released 1977
A7: A-Side of Police Car 7", released 1977
A8: A-Side of Klean Livin Kids 7", released 1977
B1: From TV Tube Heart LP, released 1977
B2: A-Side of Just A Little Too Much 7", released 1978
B3: A-Side of Life After Life 7", released 1978
B4: A-Side of Romeo 7", 1978
B5: From Stuck On You 7", released 1977
B6: From Motörhead LP, released 1977
B7:B-Side of Screwed Up 7"/12", released November 1977
B8: A-Side of High Rise Living 7", released 1977

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Additional Notes

Alternative TV is listed as Alternative.

"Sniffin In A Babylon" should be "Snuffin In A Babylon".


Various - English Waves! - Italy LP 1978 (RCA Victor - PLWL 1009)Various - English Waves! - Italy LP 1978 (RCA Victor - PLWL 1009)

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