Various - New Criminals Volume 1

Various - New Criminals Volume 1

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UK Tape 1981 (New Crimes - NC2)

1 Sinyx - Animal
2 Sinyx - Suicide
3 Sinyx - Fight
4 The Subhumans - Parasites
5 The Subhumans - It's Gonna Get Worse
6 The Subhumans - Drugs Of Youth
7 86:Mix - Describe Yourself
8 86:Mix - My Desert Is A City
9 86:Mix - The Party
10 Stripey Zebras - Sgt. Bilko Plays Pop
12 Stripey Zebras - Greta Garbo Goes Shopping
12 Stripey Zebras - Monsters On T.V.
13 APF Brigade - The Profesionals
14 APF Brigade - Ban The Bomb
15 APF Brigade - No Effect
16 Flux Of Pink Indians - Left Me To Die
17 Flux Of Pink Indians - Is There Anybody There?
18 Flux Of Pink Indians - Life After Death
19 Enola Death - Fox Hunting
20 Enola Death - The Sun Says

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All bands on this tape have appeared in 'New Crimes' fanzine

1-3: Recorded live at Daves practice room, 10/5/1981. Also available; 'Mark Of The Beast' on Bullshit Detector' (Crass Records), 4 tracks on 'Tasty', the Blot tapes sampler, 'Sinyx and Eratics Live At Focus' (Blot Tapes).

4-6: From their 3 part cassette 'Demolition War'. Available by sending a C90 + 50p post & packing to [...]

7-9: Recorded live at Rascals, Southend, 9/4/81. Also available, '86:Mix Cassette Album' on Blot Tapes.

10-12: Recorded live at the Zero 6, Rochford, 1/12/80. Also available, ' Stripey Zebras Live In Burnett's Bedroom 'on New Crimes tapes.

13-15: From their live cassette. Each is recorded individually, send a blank C60 tape to [...]. Also available; 'Anarchist Attack' on Crass' 'Bullshit Detector' on Crass records.

16-18: Taken from the FOPI demo tape. Also available, '1970's/Hitlers still a nazi', Stortbeat records. 'Tube Disasters', Crass records.

19-20: Recorded in Wayne Kermode's garden shed, May 1980. Enola Death formed in March 1980 and split up in June 1980 in a wet field near Stonehenge.

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