Various - The Only Alternative

Various - The Only Alternative Rondelet

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UK LP 1982 (Rondelet - ABOUT 10)

A1 Anti-Pasti - No Government
A2 Special Duties - Violent Society
A3 Threats - Afghanistan
A4 Catwax - Waxwalk
A5 Anti-Pasti - Let Them Free
A6 The Fits - Burial
A7 Riot Squad - Fuck The Tories
B1 Special Duties - Police State
B2 Dead Man's Shadow - Bomb Scare
B3 Anti-Pasti - Six Guns
B4 Threats - Go To Hell
B5 The Fits - Nothing And Nowhere
B6 Riot Squad - Civil Destruction
B7 Special Duties - Colchester Council

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