Various - Slightly Weirdsville

Various - Slightly Weirdsville (AKA Really Weird)

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UK Tape 1981 (Fuck Off - F.O. 5)

A1 Astronauts - Thats Where I Will Be
A2 Astronauts - The Night
A3 Astronauts - Midsummer Lullaby
A4 Danny & The Dressmakers - Song Chocolate
A5 Zounds - I Made It Happen
A6 Zounds - Holland Park
A7 Bob Green - The Last Great Rolling Stone Lick
A8 Daevid Allen - Zero
B1 The Mob - Crying Again
B2 The Mob - Frustration
B3 The Mob - XXXX
B4 The Mob - Youth
B5 Cardiac Arrest - A Bus For A Bus
B6 Horrible Nerds - Pope Paul Is Dead (live)
B7 Androids Of Mu - Every Time I Here The Spirit
B8 Androids Of Mu - Pretty Nun
B9 Androids Of Mu - Ride Me Easy Rider
B10 Blank Space - You Can Try
B11 Blank Space - Rest On Still Water
B12 Danny & The Dressmakers - Edward Exposes Her Mammary Glands
B13 Danny & The Dressmakers - TV Overdose On The Dole

Chart Placings



A1-A2: Front room
A3: Live/Aklam Hall, London
A4: Studio
A5: Bristol Gdns Soundroom
A6: Live/Severn Vale Fest '79
A7: Front room
A8: A Party in S.France
B1-B4: Live/Holland
B5: Studio (From their EP on Torcth Records)
B6: Live/Leeds
B7: Studio. From "Androids Of Mu" cassette (DROID 001)
B8: Studio
B9: Live/London
B10: Bristol Garden Soundroom, London
B11: Live/Q. Eliz.Col: London. With Dick Heley
B12-B13: Studio

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