Rubella Ballet - RUBELLA BALLET

Formed: London, England, UK

Rubella Ballet

From their MySpace page:

"Rubella Ballet formed in 1979 by Sid Ation, Zillah Minx, Pete Fender & sister Gem Stone ('Fatal' Microbes) at the famous Crass gig at Conway Hall where Crass invited the audience to use their equipment and finish off the evening doing their own thing as they wanted and left the crowd in charge, so Sid got up on Penny’s drum kit, Zillah grabbed Steve’s mic, Pete & Gem taking the bass and guitar, it probably sounded well rough but it was the start of a very colourful part of what was and is the British anarcho punk scene. Sid whilst being in Rubella Ballet was also drumming for Flux of Pink Indians and played on the single Tube Disaster also supplying the music for the b side Sick Butchers and Background to malfunction, Flux did many gigs with Rubella Ballet and Sid ended up playing for both bands on the night, Sid left sometime after to play full time for Rubella Ballet ******** The band are well known for their psychedelic stage show and the use of nothing more than a UV lights, strobes and a bit of smoke to illuminate the band, the music has the same innovative psychedelic qualities fusing punk, tribal, dance and absolute weirdness into a myriad of music styles.******** Sid and Zillah synonymous for the shock value of wearing home made ultraviolet hand painted day-glo clothes along with their multi coloured day-glo hair cuts through the east end of London's, dark, violent, poor, ghettoized, shithole, (a direct result of Thatcher’s Government) everywhere they went people smiled and laughed at them instead of hurling abuse or wanting to beat them up or kill them for being different."



Subsequent studio albums: At The End Of The Rainbow (1990), Planet Punk (2014), Danger Of Death (2018).

Singles & Albums

Rubella Ballet - Ballet BagBallet Bag (Tape, 1982)

Rubella Ballet - Ballet DanceBallet Dance (7", 1982)

Rubella Ballet - 42°F42°F (12", 1984)

Rubella Ballet - Money TalksMoney Talks (12", 1985)

Rubella Ballet - At Last It's PlaytimeAt Last It's Playtime (LP, 1985)

Rubella Ballet - Artic FlowersArtic Flowers (12", 1986)

Rubella Ballet - IfIf (LP, 1986)

Extraneous Releases

Rubella Ballet "Live" Rubella Ballet "Live" (Tape, 1982)

Rubella Ballet Rubella Ballet (Tape, 1983)

Rubella Ballet - Rubella Ballet's Cocktail MixRubella Ballet's Cocktail Mix (LP, 1987)

Rubella Ballet - Birthday Box Rubella Ballet's Birthday Box (2xLP, 1988)

Rubella Ballet - Rubella Ballet's Greatest TripsRubella Ballet's Greatest Trips (CD, 1990)

Rubella Ballet - Anarchy In The U.V.Anarchy In The U.V. (CD, 2008)

Rubella Ballet - Never Mind The Day-Glo Here's Rubella BalletNever Mind The Day-Glo Here's Rubella Ballet (CD, 2010)

Rubella Ballet - Day-Glo DazeDay-Glo Daze (LP, 2018)

Various Artists

Symphonies For The Disaffected UK Tape 1985 (Beer Belly Tapes): Slant & Slide / Belfast

State Of Affairs UK Tape 1984 (Pleasantly Surprised): Twister

V.I.S.A. Présente France LP 1985 (Bondage/V.I.S.A.): Love Life

We Don't Want Your Fucking Law! UK LP 1985 (Fight Back): Money Talks

Anti-War: Anarcho Punk Compilation Vol. 1 UK CD 2005 (Overground): Belfast

Silhouettes & Statues (A Gothic Revolution 1978 - 1986) UK 5xCD 2017 (Cherry Red): Twister





Overground Records

Listen And Understand

Scanner Zine - Interview with Sid and Zillah



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