Various - Religious Vomit

Various - Religious Vomit

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UK Tape 1983 (Public Disturbance - P.D.1)

A1 Potential Victims - Anarchist War
A2 Potential Victims - Anti-Army
A3 Antibody - Born Dead
A4 No Respect - Dreams Of Glory
A5 Subhumans - Song No 35
A6 Subhumans - First Aid
A7 Xpozez - Nothing To Say
A8 Xpozez - Nightclub Strategy
A9 3rd Party - Religion Stinks
A10 Mania - Red Alert
A11 Subhumans - Trowbridge Park
A12 The Alternative - Hawks & Doves
B1 Public Disturbance - Death Threat
B2 Phantoms Of The Underground - Time Bomb
B3 Abductors - Another Hero?
B4 No Remorse - Out In The Cold
B5 Subvert - Ireland
B6 Reality Control - Out In The Cold
B7 Reality Control - Nice!
B8 Blood Robots - Where's The Blood?
B9 Blood Robots - Leaves
B10 Public Disturbance - Equal Rights
B11 Jimi - Postman Pat [uncredited]

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A1-A2: From Rochdale. Tracks recorded live at The Talk of the Tyne, Gateshead on 11/8/83.
A3: Track from 4-Track Demo Tape. rec. Oct. '82
A4: Taken from 4-Track Demo Tape
A5: From Practice 21.3.81
A6, A11: Live Warminster Youth Centre 27-2-81
A7-A8: Tracks from 7-Track Demo '81.
A9: Track recorded live at The Talk of the Tyne, Gateshead on 11/8/83.
A10: Track From 5-Track Demo Tape Tape '82.
A12: Track recorded live at the Bunker, Sunderland on 16/4/83.
B1: Recorded live at The Talk of the Tyne, Gateshead on 6.7.83.
B2: Track taken from 'Hit The City' Demo Tape
B3: Track taken from 'Suburban Unrest' Demo Tape
B4: Track taken from Practice tape '83.
B5: Track recorded live at the Station on 15.4.83
B6-B7: Tracks recorded live at the Honeysuckle, in July 1983.
B8: Taken from 'You Fuel The Fire'
B9: Live at the Honeysuckle, on 16.9.83.
B10: Live at the Station on 3.9.83

Thanks to all the bands concerned for letting us include them on this tape.

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