Various - A Potential Migraine

 A Potential Migraine

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UK Tape 1984 (Raising Hell Zine/Rabid Councillor Tapes - no cat no)

A1 Ratdogs - Tombs Of The Dead
A2 The Negativz - Bloodsports
A3 Choirboys - Unite Unite
A4 Kulturkampf - A Change
A5 Stagnant Era - Destruction Wallpaper
A6 Nick Toczek - Hey Wow! Zap Pow!
A7 The Fiend - Dead Men
A8 Chumbawamba - Arthur
A9 Shrapnel - Seventeen
A10 Xpozez - It's All Been Done Before
A11 Dan - I Was A Teenage Heretic
A12 The Instigators - The Church Says
A13 Armistice - Victim
A14 Pagan Idols - Ain't No
A15 Nux Vomica - Robotics
A16 Ginger John - Bleed For Oil
A17 The Newtown Neurotics - Mindless Violence
A18 Passion Killers - Janet's New Clothes
A19 Anti System - Why Should It Happen?
B1 Instigators - Play Dead
B2 The Fiend - 3rd & Final Ascension
B3 Ginger John - Newt
B4 Dan - James Bond
B5 The Negativz - Bradford
B6 Kulturkampf - Only Way To Live
B7 Ratdogs - Popular Music
B8 The Newtown Neurotics - Kick Out The Tories
B9 Pagan Idols - Plastic Surgery
B10 Choirboys - Back With The Boys
B11 Dan - Jesus Was A Hippy
B12 Xpozez - Deformation Dancing
B13 Stagnant Era - Nothing No More
B14 Passion Killers - Just Because
B15 Nick Toczek - Darlin, Lovely To See You
B16 Anti System - Man's World
B17 Nux Vomica - Life Of Death
B18 Chumbawamba - Telly
B19 Shrapnel - Fight For Freedom

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Cover from Slaughter Of The Innocents, where you can download it


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