Formed: New Jersey, USA


James Dunlevy - vocals
Thomas Koprowski aka Tommy K. - guitars
Frank Greco - bass
Stephen "Rhino" Gawryluk - guitar
Scott Frank - drums

Hardcore types who along with members of Adrenalin O.D. ran Buy Our Records.



Singles & Albums

Bedlam/Adrenalin OD -Caught In The ActCaught In The Act (7", split with Adrenalin O.D., 1984)

Bedlam - BedlamBedlam (LP, 1984)

Bedlam - Lost In Space Lost In Space (LP, 1986)


Various Artists

New Jerseys' Got It? US LP 1985 (Buy Our Records): Mongoofy / Burn One

Big City's One Big Crowd US LP 1985 (Big City): Lost In Space / Knife In My Back

Thrasher's Digest Fanzine Compilation #1 US Tape 1985 (P&S Productions): Cock-Tease / A.I.D.S.

All For One...One For All US CD 1995 (Grand Theft Audio): Dioxin




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