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Based: Vaushall, New Jersey, USA

Set upo by members of Adrenalin O.D., this label was responsible for lots of hardcore releases between 1983 and 1989.



7" Singles:    
no cat no ADRENALIN O.D. - Let's Barbeque 1983
BOR-7-002 MY 3 SONS - Starving Artist 1984
BOR-7-003 MENTAL DECAY - Run And Hide 1984
BOR-7-004 ADRENALIN O.D./BEDLAM - Caught In The Act 1984
BOR-7-005 ADRENALIN O.D. - A Nice Song In The Key Of "D" 1986
BOR-427 BODIES IN PANIC - This Ain't Rock N' Roll (Then What The Hell Is It?) 1984
BOR-12-001 BEDLAM - Bedlam 1984
BOR-12-002 ADRENALIN O.D. - The Wacky Hi-Jinks Of Adrenalin O.D. 1984
BOR-12-003 VARIOUS - New Jerseys' Got It? 1985
BOR-12-004 CHILDREN IN ADULT JAILS - Man Overcome By Waffle Iron 1985
BOR-12-005 BEDLAM - Lost In Space 1986
BOR-12-006 PLEASED YOUTH - Dangerous Choo-Choo 1986
BOR-12-007 THE SKULLS - Dress Up And Die! 1986
BOR-12-008 ADRENALIN O.D. - Humungousfungusamongus 1986
BOR-12-009 FLAG OF DEMOCRACY - Shatter Your Day 1986
TAPE 001 PLEASED YOUTH - Sure We're Pleased  



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