One Way System - All Systems Go

One Way System - All Systems Go

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Release Information

UK LP 1982 (Anagram - GRAM 003)
UK CD 1994 (Captain Oi - AHOY CD 14)

1 Ain't No Answers 3:03
2 Give Us A Future 2:46
3 Jerusalem 2:45
4 Me And You 2:47
5 No Return 1:16
6 Waste Away 3:04
7 One Way System 1:57
8 Gutterboy 1:59
9 Breakin In 1:53
10 Forgotten Generation 2:24
11 Victim 2:12
12 Slaughtered 2:59
13 Your Ready Now 2:34
CD Bonus Tracks
14 Stab The Judge 1:54
15 Riot Torn City 3:21
16 Me And You 2:32
17 Just Another Hero 3:17
18 Jackie Was A Junkie 2:05
19 Jerusalem (Demo) 2:52
20 1980's (Demo) 2:48
21 Spokesmen For The Teenagers (Demo) 2:47
22 All You Kids (Demo) 3:25

Chart Placings

UK Indie Hit: 11, 8 wks


GRAM 003:

Tom Couch - drums and vocals
Gaz Buckley - bass guitar and vocals
David Ross - guitars and vocal
Gav Whyte - vocal and vocals

Even more vocals by Stonker John Randles & John The Lord

Engineered by Colin Richardson
Mixed By Lord Bentham & Gaz Buckley
Produced by Lord Bentham & OWS



Gav White - vocals
David Ross - guitars
Gaz Buckley - bass
Tom Couch - drums

Produced by John Bentham and One Way System.
Tracks 1-13 originally released by Anagram Records (GRAM 003)
Track 14-16 originally released by Lightbeat Records (WAY 1)
Track 17 originally the B-Side to "Give Us A Future" (ANA 1)
Track 18 originally the B-Side to "Jerusalem" (ANA 5)
Tracks 19-22 previously unreleased demo recordings
Special thanks to Iain McNay, John Bentham & Jim Phelan

Additional Credits

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Reviews & Opinions

PUNKY GIBBON: With a blazing guitar sound and hugely aggressive singing by Gav White, All Systems Go contains some memorable sing-a-long football terrace chanting and a consistency of material that is unusual for British punk in the early '80s. Some people reckon ‘Jerusalem’ sounded better in its demo form (see A Country Fit For Heroes), but I thin it's better here, whilst the likes of 'Give Us A Future' and 'Breakin' In' are responsible for some serious granny-bothering. Hardly intellectual, OWS play utterly generic punk and don't vary things much - some songs are faster than others, that's all - but it spits in your face for 31 minutes or so in a manner suggesting a cross between Blitz and The Exploited and it is pretty enjoyable. It ends with a cracking version of the oldie 'Ready Now', which sounds awfully like the Slaughter & The Dogs version of the same song. The Captain Oi! CD reissue adds all the usual single sides (although not the 7” version of 'Give Us A Future') and four demo tracks, including that version of 'Jersualem', 'All You Kids' (an early version of 'Waste Away') and two utterly terrible songs, '1980's' and 'Spokesmen For The Teenagers'.

TIM YOHANNAN, MAXIMUM ROCKNROLL #5, MARCH/APRIL 1983: : This album contains at least one track from each of their three previous 7". ONE WAY SYSTEM focus on the more traditional punk styles, which they handle well, but they also play a few thrashers. A pretty good record, though not exceptional.

PAUL CASTLES, PUNK LIVES #6, 1983: One Way System's debut LP is to punk what The Exorcist is to horror movies. These spikey tops from Blackpool thrash out a barrage of hard bitting terrace style songs. Tne band were possibly heading towards a rut with their run of the mill punk yells, To their credit they nave now improved their sound and have got chaotic noise off to a fine art. You can still appreciate the powerful tunes and the harsh lyrics are clear for all to hear. The songs are raw, forcing down your throat the problems the nation is currently suffering from. 'Waste Away' is the sorry face of many disenchanted teenagers today. Jobless and pennyless they turn to drugs as a means of release and then to theft to get the money now needed to buy the drugs. The sorry tale ends with the inevitable overdose. In 'Forgotten Generation' the outlet for the tensions and frustrations is not drugs but violence. This air of despondency is also evident on 'Gutter Boy', and 'Slaughtered'. The lyrics alone paint a rather gloomy picture of our society at presenl. However the sheer enthusiasm of the music brightens up the LP and offers a ray of hope. One Way System have made an excellent debut LP, one of the best to come out of the SPEAR OFDESVNY: intriguing punk market in some time. It's obvious Blackpool has more going for it than a tower and sticks of rock, after all.

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One Way System - All Systems Go - UK LP 1983 (Anagram - GRAM 003)One Way System - All Systems Go - UK LP 1983 (Anagram - GRAM 003)

UK LP 1982 (Anagram - GRAM 003). Click here for more

One Way System - All Systems Go - UK CD 1994 (Captain Oi - AHOY CD 14)One Way System - All Systems Go - UK CD 1994 (Captain Oi - AHOY CD 14)

UK CD 1994 (Captain Oi - AHOY CD 14). Click here for more


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