Based: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Guitarist with the classic era D.O.A. (he has also rejoined them on several occasions) and speed metal/thrash band Annihilator and Stress Factor 9. He also played with early Canadian punk bands The Sick Ones (1979) and The 45s (1979-80), neither of which recorded, and lots of other bands, some of them - Ground Zero, Iron Gypsy, Fake It Big - featuring other aging punk stalwarts.

The 1982 12" single featured members of Brad Kent (Avengers and other Rampage associated bands), Chuck Biscuits (Sgt. Nick Penis/Circle Jerks/D.O.A./Black Flag/Danzig/Descendents/Fear /The Pointed Sticks/Red Hot Chili Peppers/Social Distortion) and Zippy Pinhead (Sgt. Nick Penis/Dils/Biz/The Stiffs/The Mutants/Los Popularos/22nd Century).



Singles & Albums

Randy RampageRandy Rampage (12", 1982)






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