The Strike (Cannich, Scotland)

The Strike (Cannich, Scotland)

Formed: Cannich, Scotland, UK

Oi! band from Cannich, a picturesque village in the beautiful Scottish Highlands, 30 miles south-west of Inverness. The Strike existed between 1978 and 1983, and during this period they only made it to vinyl twice. Garry Bushell had been sent copies of their super lo-fi cassette home recordings and invited them down to London, where they recorded two cuts on the infamous Strength Thru Oi! compilation. After this they recorded two more tunes for Oi! Oi! That's Yer Lot!, but neither track made it the final cut, although 'Victim' was relegated to the Back On The Streets EP, which basically rounded up stuff rejected for the LP. The Oi! Collection compiles these tunes, along with a brace of demos recorded in 1982, some of which had previously been unearthed for various Oi! comps. Lead singer Fergus Macleod reformed the band in 2015.


Lineup 1 (1978-1981):

Fergus Macleod - vocals, guitar
Dick Ferguson - bass
Kevin Duff - drums

Lineup 2 (1981):

Fergus Macleod - vocals, guitar
Dick Ferguson - bass
Kevin Duff - drums
Peter Boyce - guitar

Recorded: 'Gang Warfare' and 'Skinhead'

Lineup 3 (1981-1983):

Fergus Macleod - vocals, bass
Peter Boyce - guitar
Chris Bennett - drums

Recorded: Everything else on The Oi! Collection.



Extraneous Releases

Skins 'N' Punks (Volume Two)Skins 'N' Punks Volume Two (CD, split with The Strike, 1995)

The Strike - The Oi! CollectionThe Oi! Collection (CD, 2004)

Various Artists

Strength Thru Oi! UK LP 1981 (Decca): Gang Warfare / Skinhead

Back On The Streets UK 7" 1982 (Secret): Victim

Oi! - The Resurrection UK LP 1986 (Link): Hungry Gun

Oi! Glorious Oi! UK LP 1987 (Link): Action Man

Porkie Branston And His Mates Present... Oi! That's What I Call Music UK LP 1988 (Link): Victims

Pop Oi! UK LP 1989 (Link): Agony Of A Nation

The Joys Of Oi! UK LP 1990 (Link): Action Man

The Oddities Of Oi! UK LP 1991 (Link): Cry Youth Cry

The Oddities Of Oi / The Joys Of Oi! UK CD 1993 (Step-1 Music): Cry Youth Cry / Action Man / Mania

Pop Oi! / Oi! Oi! Oi! UK CD 1993 (Step-1): Agony Of A Nation

Oi! Oi! That's Yer Lot! / Back On The Streets EP UK CD 1993 (Step-1): Victim

Secret Records: The Punk Singles Collection UK CD 1993 (Anagram): Victim

The Bright Side Of Oi! - Oi Classics Vol. I Germany LP 1994 (Street Kid's): Victim

Lords Of Oi! UK 3xCD Box Set 1997 (Dressed To Kill): Mania

100% British Oi! UK 2xCD 1997 (Captain Oi!): Skinhead

Oi! This Is England UK 3xCD Box Set 1999 (Dressed To Kill): Mania

Oi! Chartbusters Volume 1 UK CD 2000 (The Harry May Record Company): Mania





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