U.K. Subs - Party In Paris

U.K. Subs - Party In Paris

Original Release Date


Release Information

UK 7" 1980 (Gem - GEMS 42)

1 Party In Paris 2:53
2 Fall Of The Empire 2:14

Chart Placings

UK Chart Hit: 37, 4 wks


Steve Roberts - drums
Alvin Gibbs - bass guitar, backing vocals
Nicky Garratt - guitar
Charlie Harper - vocals

Captain Sensible - keyboards
Steve Norbbit - piano accordion

Produced by Mike Leander
Engineered by Mike Gregovich
Recorded at Alvic Studios (Sept. '80)

Reviews & Opinions

MARK ELLEN, SMASH HITS, OCT 30 - NOV 12, 1980: Good grief: where's the aspirin? Suffer the hamfisted hiccup bass, the punch-drunk drums, the headache guitar. Marvel at Charlie Harper's command of the French language - "Oooh-la-la-la Oooh-la-ley!" Mourn the fact that Captain Sensible is playing keyboards when the Subs are nothing but a Sham-faced parody of a parody once known as The Damned.

Additional Notes

Orange or black vinyl (latter is more rare). A-Side later remixed for Diminished Responsibility.


U.K. Subs - Party In Paris - UK 7" 1980 (Gem - GEMS 42) U.K. Subs - Party In Paris - UK 7" 1980 (Gem - GEMS 42)

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