Various - The Crap Stops Here.

Various - The Crap Stops Here.

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UK LP 1980 (Rabid - LAST 1)

1 Slaughter And The Dogs - Cranked Up Really High 2:52
2 Slaughter And The Dogs - The Bitch 2:18
3 The Nosebleeds - Ain't Bin To No Music School 2:54
4 John Cooper Clarke - Psycle Sluts 1 & 2 5:43
5 John Cooper Clarke - Bronze Adonis (Live at Manchester Polytechnic 1977) 2:30
6 Gyro - Central Detention Centre 3:36
7 Gyro - Purple And Red 3:37
8 Jilted John - Jilted John 3:05
9 The Out - Who Is Innocent? 3:06
10 The Out - Linda's Just A Statue 1:34
11 Jilted John - Mrs. Pickering 2:56
12 Chris Sievey - Last 3:10
13 The Freshies - Yesterday / Tomorrow 2:05
14 Ed Banger - Kinnel Tommy 4:04
15 Prime Time Suckers - Wing Wang 2:17

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1-2: Cranked Up Really High/The Bitch:
Recorded at Riverside Studios, Chiswick, London, 1977
Wayne Barrett (v) Mike Rossi (g) Howard Bates (b), Brian Grantham (d)
Original Issue: May 1977 (101)

3: Ain't Bin To No Music School
Recorded at Countdown Studios, Manchester 1977
Eddie Garrity (v) Vinnie Riley (g) Pete Crooks (b) Phil Toman (d)
Original Issue: July 1977 (102)

4: Psycle Sluts 1 & 2
Recorded at Pennine, Oldham
Original Issue: November 1977 (103)
JCC (v) John Scott (b/g)

5: Bronze Adonis
Live from Manchester Polytechnic, 1977
Not previously issued

6-7: Central Detention Centre / Purple And Red
Recorded at Pennine Studios, Oldham
Original Issue: May 1978 (104)
Chris Gill (v) Adam Rogers (g) Phil Scott (b) Ian Drummond (d)

8: Jilted John:
JJ (v) John Scott (b/g) Tony Roberts (d) Bernard Kelly (v)
Recorded at Pennine Studios, Oldham
Originally issued: May 1978 (105) also on EMI International: INT567

9-10: Who Is Innocent?/Linda's Just A Statue
Produced by Andy MacPhearson at Revolution Studios, Cheadle Hulme, Cheshire
Jo Roberts (v) George Borowski (g) Chris Daniels (b) David Bassnet (k) Lyndsy Frost (d)
Recorded at Revolution, Cheadle Hulme
Issue September 1979 (112) [Punky Gibbon note: 113 actually!]
Re-issued on a Virgin Records single

11: Mrs Pickering
Recorded at Arrow Sound, Manchester, 1978
JJ (v) John Scott (b/g) Steve Hopkins (k) Ian Drummond (d)
Previously unissued

12: Last
Recorded at Arrow, M/C, 1978 1979
CS (v/g/b) Lyn Oakey (g) Steve Hopkins (k) Paul Burgess (d)
Originally issued: June 1979 (109)
Re-issued on Razz Records (9)

13: Yesterday / Tomorrow
Recorded at Marz, Altrincham, 1980
CS (v/g) Barry Spencer (g) Rick Maunder (d)
Previously unissued

14: Kinnel Tommy
Recorded at Pennine Studios, Oldham
Original Issue: August 1978 (106) also on EMI International: INT571
Eddie Garrity (v/g) Lyn Oakey (g) Martin Hannett (b) Steve Hopkins (k) John Needham (d)

15: Wing Wang
Phil Baker (?) Harvey Rose (g) John Scott (p) Tony Roberts (d)
Recorded at Manchester Polytechnic, 1979
Previously unissued

Executive-Producer: Lawrence Beedle

All tracks produced by Martin Hannett for Rabid Entertainments Ltd
3: Vini Faal & Clem Lee
10: Andy MacPhearson
The Freshies produced by Chris Sievey

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Additional Notes

Track timing for 'Cranked Up Really High' not on label - comes from CD copy of The Punk Singles Collection.


Various - The Crap Stops Here. - UK LP 1980 (Rabid - LAST 1) Various - The Crap Stops Here. - UK LP 1980 (Rabid - LAST 1)

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