Various - New Wave

Various - New Wave

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UK LP 1977 (Vertigo - 6300 902)

1 Ramones - Judy Is A Punk
2 Dead Boys - Sonic Reducer
3 Patti Smith - Piss Factory
4 New York Dolls - Personality Crisis
5 The Runaways - Hollywood
6 Skyhooks - Horror Movie
7 Richard Hell & The Voidoids - Love Comes In Spurts
8 Little Bob Story - All Or Nothing
9 The Boomtown Rats - Looking After No 1
10 Talking Heads - Love Goes To Building On Fire
11 The Damned - New Rose
12 Ramones - Suzy Is A Headbanger
13 Dead Boys - All This And More
14 The Flamin' Groovies - Shake Some Action
15 Runaways - Cherry Bomb
16 New York Dolls - Who Are The Mystery Girls?

Chart Placings

UK Chart Hit: 11, 12 wks


1: From the Sire album "Ramones" 9103 253. Produced by Craig Leon
2: Produced by Genya Ravan for Sire Records
3: by special arrangement between Sire Records & MER Records. Produced by Lenny Kaye for MER Records
4: From the Mercury album "New York Dolls" 6641 631. Produced by Todd Lundgren
5: From the Mercury album "Queens Of Noise" 9100 032. Produced by Kim Fowley and Earle Mankey
6: From the Mercury album "Ego is not a Dirty Word". Produced by Duke Wilson
7: Produced by Richard Gottehrer and Richard Hell. From the forthcoming Sire album "Richard Hell & The Void-Oids"
8: Produced by Sean Tyla
9: From the forthcoming Ensign album "The Boomtown Rats" ENVY 1. Produced by R.J. Lange
10: Produced by Tony Bongiovi for Sire Records
11: From the Stiff album "Damned Damned Damned" SEEZ 1. Produced by Nick Lowe
12: From the Sire album "Ramones Leave Home" 9103 254. Produced by Tony Bongiovi and T. Erdelyi
13: Produced by Genya Ravan for Sire Records
14: From the Sire album "Shake Some Action" 9101 251. Produced by Dave Edmunds
15: From the Mercury album "The Runaways". Produced and Directed by Kim Fowley
16: From the Mercury album "New York Dolls" 6641 631. Produced by Todd Lundgren

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Additional Notes

This was also issued in many other countries: Australia, France, Germany, Greece, Holland, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, Portugal. Some of these "foreign" pressings had different track listings. The Dolls' 'Who Are The Mystery Girls?' is actually from Too Much Too Soon, not the self-titled debut; 'Love Comes In Spurts' is a different version to the one that eventually appeared on Richard Hell's debut LP, which was actually issued as Blank Generation; and although not mentioned, both Dead Boys tracks are from Young Loud And Snotty, and the tunes from Patti Smith, Talking Heads and Little Bob Story were all A-Sides.


Various - New Wave - UK LP 1977 (Vertigo	- 6300 902) Various - New Wave - UK LP 1977 (Vertigo	- 6300 902)

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