Various - Permanent Wave

Various - Permanent Wave

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US LP 1979 (Epic - JE 36136)

1 After The Fire - One Rule For You 3:23
2 Kursaal Flyers - Television Generation 2:39
3 The Cortinas - Heartache 3:09
4 New Hearts - Just Another Teenage Anthem 1:57
5 The Diodes - Red Rubber Ball 2:36
6 The Only Ones - Another Girl, Another Planet 2:59
7 Masterswitch - Action Replay 3:03
8 The Vibrators - Judy Says (Knock You In The Head) 2:12
9 The Only Ones - Lovers Of Today 3:13
10 The Spikes - High Heel, Big Deal 3:45

Chart Placings



1: Produced by Rupert Hine for Rupert Hine Productions
2: Produced by Muff Winwood and Rhett Davies
3: Produced by Martin Birch
4: Produced by Kenny Laguna
5: Produced by Bob Gallo
6: A Vengeance Production
7: Produced by Vic Maile and Masterswitch
8: Produced by Vic Maile
9: Produced by The Only Ones and Robert Ash
10: Produced by Bruce Harris

Additional Credits

1: A-Side of One Rule For You 7", released 1979
2: A-Side of Television Generation 7", released 1977
3: A-Side of Heartache 7", released 1978
4: A-Side of Just Another Teenage Anthem 7", released 1977
5: A-Side of Red Rubber Ball 7", released 1979
6: A-Side of Another Girl, Another Planet 7", released 1978
7: A-Side of Action Replay 7", released 1978
8: A-Side of Judy Says (Knock You In The Head) 7", released 1978
9: A-Side of Lovers Of Today 7"/12", released 1977
10: Previously unreleased

Reviews & Opinions

ROBERT CHRISTGAU: 'Television Generation' and 'Just Another Teenage Anthem' never really got me as singles, and neither the Kursaal Flyers nor New Hearts proved deep enough to make good albums, but on this pop punk compilation they sound absolutely ace. Masterswitch's 'Action Replay,' the Cortinas' 'Heartache,' and the Vibrators' 'Judy Says' also fit in. The Diodes' 'Red Rubber Ball' is as useless as every other piece of Toronto punk I've heard. Since they also lead off the group's new collection on domestic Epic, the two nice cuts by the Only Ones are redundant. The teaser by the Spikes is good enough to make me hope they record an album. And the teaser by After the Fall is so good that I won't mind owning it twice when their album comes out. Quite snazzy, recommended to dabblers and discophiles alike. B+

Additional Notes

i don't own this LP, but I suspect the time printed on the label for the Cortinas song is incorrect, and that this is the single version, which is actually 2:50 long. Correct me if you know otherwise.


Various - Permanent Wave - US	LP 1979 (Epic - JE 36136)Various - Permanent Wave - US	LP 1979 (Epic - JE 36136)

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