Various - Total Noise #1

Various - Total Noise #1

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UK 7" 1982 (Total Noise - TOT 1)

1 The Business - Loud Proud & Punk
2 Blitz - Voice Of A Generation (Poor No More)
3 The Gonads - TNT
4 Dead Generation - Francine

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PUNK LIVES #2, 1982: And what demons now are haunting the turntable? The Business, Blitz, Dead Generation and, god bless my soul, even the mighty Gonads!!!!: "remember Pursey, what a clown, he got bottled down Canning Town" - can anyone REALLY listen to this SHIT and claim it comes from the same family of noise as 'Anarchy In The UK' or 'Banned From The Roxy'? "Always at football, never late, Disco music's what we hate". Some people think these are actually statements of great importance and merit? Anyone who still doesn't believe it's just heavy metal (making a return through the back door under the dubious term of "working class") should listen to the last track on side two, the Dead Generations [sic] 'Francine'. Case closed, m'lud. It would be funny if it wasn't so serious.

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Various - Total Noise #1 - UK 7" 1982 (Total Noise - TOT 1) Various - Total Noise #1 - UK 7" 1982 (Total Noise - TOT 1)

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