Action Swingers

Formed: New York, NY, USA

Lineups / Discography

Action Swingers

Photo by Michael Lavine, grabbed from the Deccimation Blvd. CD booklet

Garage punk band who recorded an absolutely classic LP, Decimation Blvd., which was one of the most focused and stirring rock 'n' roll outings of the decade. Unfortunately, they also released some right shit, which is probably why they remained in obscurity, although drummer Johan Kugelberg earned immortality on his own as the brains behind the first four Killed By Death bootlegs.

Singer Ned Hayden was the only mainstay, overseeing an endless game of musical chairs that saw former members of Sonic Youth and Pussy Galore joining and leaving (Don Fleming also drummed on the second single). Action Swingers featured half of Pussy Galore and is a mess of dirgey punk and grungey grunge with few redeeming features. Mercifully, an admission to major Saints/Dead Boys/Ramones/Stooges influences emerged just in time for the More Fast Numbers EP.

The brilliant Decimation Blvd was a monster, Hayden occasionally sounds like an American Lemmy, snarling and roaring while the Swingers blast their way through 14 hard 'n' fast cuts in 21 minutes. All the songs sound the same, but like early Discharge that's part of its charm. Unfortunately, having seen the light they split up shortly afterwards.


Singles / Albums

Action Swingers - Bum My Trip Action Swingers - Fear Of A Fucked Up Planet Action Swingers - Action Swingers Action Swingers - More Fast Numbers Action Swingers - Decimation Blvd.
Bum My Trip
(7", 1990)
Fear Of A Fucked Up Planet
(7", 1990)
Action Swingers (LP/CD, 1991) More Fast Numbers (12/CDS, 1992) Decimation Blvd. (LP/CD, 1993)

Extraneous Releases

Release Information  UK 7"-flexi 1992 (Wiija WIJFLEXI 001) Action Swingers - Quit While You're Ahead Action Swingers - Heavy Medication Action Swingers - Complete London Toe Rag Session Action Sswingers - Enough Already! Live!
Action Swingers / Loveblobs Split
(7", flexi, 1992)
Quit While You're Ahead (LP/CD, 1994) Heavy Medication
(7", 1998)

Complete London Toe Rag Session
(LP/CD, 1998)

Enough Already! Live!
(LP/CD, 2004)


Various Artists

From Twisted Minds Come (Twisted Products) US LP 1990 (Noiseville): Bent




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