Various - P.E.A.C.E.

Various - P.E.A.C.E.

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US 2xLP 1984 (R Radical - RR-1984)

A1 Articles Of Faith - Up Against A Wall
A2 Gism - Endless Blockades For The Pussyfooter
A3 Neon Christ - Ashes To Ashes
A4 Kalashnikov - Schlueters Kabinet
A5 Cause For Alarm - Time Will Tell
A6 Local Disturbance - No U.S.A.
A7 Unwarranted Trust - Honour's Calling
A8 Wretched - Mai Arrendersi
A9 O.D.F.X - Drop The A-Bomb On Me
A10 Afflicted - Here Come The Cops
A11 Declino - Inutile Trionfo
A12 Dicks - Hope You Get Drafted
A13 B.G.K. - Arms Race
A14 Crass - It's You
B1 Upright Citizens - Swastika Ratss
B2 False Prophets - Banana Split Republic
B3 Mob 47 - Nuclear Attack
B4 Offenders - Face Down In The Dirt
B5 Contrazione - Sbarre
B6 Scum - So Much Hate
B7 Los Violadores - Viejos Pateticos
B8 Deadlock - Sometimes
B9 P.P.G. - Will It Ever End?
B10 Trash - Peace Of What?
B11 Vicious Circle - Police Brutality
B12 Condemned To Death - Gartlands Pit
B13 Negazione - Non Mi Dire
B14 D.O.A. - America The Beautiful
C1 Dirty Rotten Imbeciles - Snap
C2 Porno Patrol - Jump Back
C3 Treason - Drop Out
C4 Shit S.A. - Abortos
C5 Septic Death - Silence
C6 Cheetah Chrome Motherfuckers - Life Of Punishment
C7 Peggio Punx - No Mai
C8 Proletariat, The - An Uneasy Peace
C9 Conflict - Bomb
C10 Iconoclast - Battlefield (Nightmare)
C11 Pandemonium - Pay For ShIt
C12 Dead Kennedys - Kinky Sex Makes The World Go `Round
C13 Boskops - Skorbut
D1 Subhumans - Rats
D2 White Lie - Peace Officer
D3 Wargasm - R.A.T. / Pentagone
D4 Slaughterhouse 4 - Four More Hours
D5 The Execute - Finale
D6 Reagan Youth - Reagan Youth
D7 Impact - The Man Goes On
D8 Butthole Surfers - 100 Million People Dead
D9 Kangrena - Ataque
D10 Porcelain Forehead - Will Amerika
D11 Barely Human - No Mercy No War
D12 R.A.F. Punk - Contro La Pace Contro La Guerra
D13 Zenzile - Moment By Moment / Exiled Shadows
D14 MDC - Missile Destroyed Civilization

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