Formed: Bramley, Leeds, West Yorkshire, England, UK

Dean 'Holmsi' Holmes - Vocals
Palm - Bass
Towny - Guitar
? - Drums

Bleed - Leeds band in a Blitz style whose only recording output was two songs on the Rot In Hell comp. A pretty good demo tape also exists though. Were scheduled to feature on a 'Skins N Punks' album, but split up and it never happened.

Bleed formed in 1981 influenced by Blitz. Though they have had a number of line-ups Palm, Towny and Holmsi have stuck together and made a go for it. Fave bands being:
Holmsi - Red Alert, The Fits and Blitz
Palm - Cockney Rejects, Blitz and early UK Subs
Towny - Red London, Blitz and Cockney Rejects

According to Holmsi: "We sing mainly serious songs with wit and humour added. We are all booze freaks and like getting pissed and falling over and generally having a laugh". At the moment they have some gigs lined up with The Fits and a thin chance of a tour (fingers crossed). Bleed have a 4 track demo out (and it's a bloody stormer) write enclosing a blank tape and s.a.e. to *BLABLABLA. LEEDS*

They are currently looking for a drummer who must be as good as Nobby (Red Alert), no wimps or Crass freaks need apply, OK. Write to the above address or phone LEEDS *******. Own drum kit if possible

(From unknown zine - reprinted here courtesy of Henk. Thanks!)




Bleed Demo 1984Demo 1984 (Tape, 1984)

Various Artists

Rot In Hell UK LP 1984 (Rot): Liar / Up In The Morning






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