Various - Oi!.. The Picture Disc

Various - Oi!.. The Picture Disc

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UK LP 1987 (Link - LINK L.P 014)

A1 Sham 69 - Hersham Boys
A2 4 Skins - One Law For Them
A3 Splodge - Two Pints Of Lager
A4 The Angelic Upstarts - Police Opression
A5 The Blood - Megalomania
A6 The Last Resort - Violence In Our Minds
A7 The Exploited - Dogs Of War
B1 Cock Sparrer - England Belongs To Me
B2 Menace - G.L.C.
B3 Blitz - Criminal Damage
B4 The Business - Smash The Discos
B5 Combat 84 - Combat 84
B6 Cockney Rejects - Police Car
B7 The Partisans - 17 Years

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