The Damned - From The Beginning

The Damned - From The Beginning

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UK CD 1995 (Karussell - 550747-2)

1 Thanks For The Night
2 Lovely Money
3 Dozen Girls
4 I Think I'm Wonderful
5 Take That
6 The Last Time (Live)
7 I Just Can't Be Happy Today (Live)
8 Noise Noise Noise (Live)
9 Love Song (Live)
10 Smash It Up (Live)
11 Help (Live)
12 Generals
13 Take Me Away
14 Under The Floor Again
15 Pleasure And The Pain

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PUNKY GIBBON: Yet another crappy comp drawing heavily on Strawberries, Final Damnation (the 1989 live LP) and Damned But Not Forgotten. The cover photo shows the late 1977 lineup, despite featuring no material from this period. "From the beginning" indeed!

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