The Damned - Tales From The Damned

The Damned - Tales From The Damned

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US CD 1993 (Cleopatra – CLEO71392)

1 Burglar 3:40
2 Disco Man 3:14
3 The Limit Club 4:14
4 Citadel 3:07
5 Billy Bad Breaks 3:18
6 There Ain't No Sanity Clause (Remix) 2:52
7 Looking At You (Live) 5:53
8 Anti-Pope (Fiddling About Version) 3:17
9 Teenage Dream 2:36
10 I'm So Bored 1:18
11 I Believe The Impossible 2:55
12 Sugar And Spite 1:30
13 Seagulls 1:33
14 Over The Top 3:19
15 Turkey Song 1:33

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Additional Credits

1: B-side of Smash It Up 7", 1979
2-5: Friday 13th EP, 1981
6-8: There Ain't No Sanity Clause 7", 1980
9-10: B-side of Lively Arts 7", 1980
11-12: B-side of History Of The World Part I. 7", 1980
13: Edited version of the B-side of White Rabbit 7", 1980
14-15: B-side of I Just Can't Be Happy Today 7", 1979

Reviews & Opinions

PAT GILBERT, RECORD COLLECTOR, 1993: The high-quality, 15-track rarities compilation brings together a selection of curios from the turn of the 80s, when The Damned were back with a vengeance after their 18-month split. B-Sides like the thuggish 'Burlgar' and the ethereal - yes, that's right, ethereal - 'Sugar And Spite' sit comfortably next to obscure recordings like 'Over The Top', a Damned/Motorhead collaboration which turned up on the flip of the 'Heads 'Bomber' 45, and 'Sea Gulls', an atmospheric piece that was coupled with a version of 'White Rabbit' for a German-only 7". Musically, this isn't the most coherent of sets, but it does provide CD owners with a chance to hear several tracks until now available only on vinyl. And, the packaging and sleeve-notes are, digipaks aside, first class.

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The Damned - Tales From The Damned - US CD 1993 (Cleopatra – CLEO71392)The Damned - Tales From The Damned - US CD 1993 (Cleopatra – CLEO71392) Tray

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