Doctors Of Madness - Doctors Of Madness

Doctors Of Madness - Doctors Of Madness

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US 2xLP 1978 (United Artists - UA-LA871-J2)

A1 Brothers (For John & Brian) 6:59
A2 Suicide City (For Jacqueline) 4:41
A3 Perfect Past (For Rene) 6:12
B1 Marie & Joe (For Marie & Joe) 6:41
B2 In Camera (Huis Clos) 4:47
B3 Doctors Of Madness (For Me & You) 2:46
B4 Out (For Mitzi) 4:05
C1 Waiting/Please Don't Shoot The Pianist 4:04
C2 Afterglow 3:49
C3 Mitzi's Cure 4:50
C4 I Think We're Alone 3:44
C5 The Noises Of The Evening 8:33
D1 Billy Watch Out 5:13
D2 B-Movie Bedtime 3:18
D3 Mainline Prologue/Mainlines 15:49

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A1-B4: Late Night Movies, All Night Brainstorms LP, 1976
C1-D3: Figments Of Emancipation LP, 1976

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