Stiff Little Fingers - Live In Aberdeen (1979)

Stiff Little Fingers ‎– Live In Aberdeen (1979)

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Europe CD 2002 (EMI Gold - 7243 5 38560 2 1)

1 Alternative Ulster
2 Barbed Wire Love
3 Can't Say Crap On The Radio
4 At The Edge
5 Johnny Was
6 Suspect Device
7 Nobody's Hero
8 No Change
9 No More Of That
10 Gotta Getaway
11 Rough Trade
12 Wait And See
13 Breakout
14 Straw Dogs
15 Wasted Life

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AMAZON REVIEW: What a wonderful find! I spent ages trying to track this elusive live set from 1979, often believing that it would be no more than a typical completist fan's token addition to the back catalogue. It is so much more than that. It is a wonderfully recorded tribute to SLF during the year that really mattered - 1979 - and evokes a wonderful feel of being a well recorded bootleg. The performance is intimate, the sound mix almost furiously perfect, and it's great to hear live renditions of tracks from the first 2 albums which have never otherwise made it to CD. These are the deservedly rose tinted glory years for SLF and as such even after the first hearing I feel that it is the best live recording we have - much better than the myriad of reunion shows available. This is, was, and remains the real thing, and as such, SLF should be justly proud that this set remains so relevant 25 years on. Still a class live act, it does amaze to appreciate just how good they were back in 1979. Just try out 'Suspect Device', 'Wait and See' and 'Johnny Was, not to mention 'Breakout' !
So if you are a fan, you must add this to your collection. I am sure that it will immediately become one of your ultimate SLF recordings !

Additional Notes

This show was previously issued (with fewer songs) as a bootleg, Broken Fingers In Aberdeen.


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